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    How do I format Lr/Transporter export for Excel?


      I am able to use Lr/Transporter plugin to create a .txt file with information for photos.  I am unable so far to create columns on an Excel spreadsheet for each item created using Lr/Transporter "tokens."  I ultimately plan to create a spreadsheet with hundreds of photos and accompanying EXIF data and keywords.


      I have attached a screenshot of the transporter token construct dialog for a test of the export.  I have taken the resulting summary.txt file and pasted it into an Excel spreadsheet.  The result is one row of repeating data sets. I expected Lr/Transporter to create a CSV file or other format that can be used for creation of a table (spreadsheet) that can be searched and sorted. I have sufficient skill to insert delimiters like semicolon, commas, or other characters.  But so far I am unable to create columns of data (for filename, shutter speed, aperture, etc.).  I can of course cut/paste each repeated data set and align them into columns with headings, but this would be more effort than my objectives would justify.


      Any help will be appreciated.Companion and summary Files.jpg