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    16-bay QNAP NAS for shared PrPro storage

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      Okay, posted here (10GbE network storage boost?) but hopefully I'll get a few more bites in this forum.


      Short version is we currently run a 12-bay 1GbE NAS. It performs surprisingly well as we mostly work with AVCHD footage but we are hitting a throughput bottleneck regularly to our edit suites, unsurprising given the 1GbE interface. Looking to upgrade to a 10GbE solution and I'm thinking something like the 16-bay QNAP (TS-EC1680U-RP :: QNAP) equipped with 10GbE card and mSATA cache upgrade below would be a good balance of price and performance. I'm aiming for cumulative 500 - 600 MB/s read rates to 3 - 4 client suites running Premiere. The NAS would run through a 10GbE switch (4 x 10GbE, 24 x 1GbE), with our two primary iMac edit workstations also equipped with Small Tree Thunderbolt to 10GbE adapters. Drives would be 16 x 3TB HGST Ultrastars (SATA not SAS). Am I looking at the right sort of product for our needs?


      The NAS build, install and cabling overhaul would be handled by a local vendor. I just wanted to get the Adobe Community brains trusts' opinion on the suitability of this setup for our requirements or alternative recommendations as I'm getting back some contradictory information from the vendors I'm getting quotes from.