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    LR wonky on Win7

    Charlie Groh Level 1

      ...this may sound crazy, but it is!  I'm working on a number of files, in Develop Module, and all-of-a-sudden BAM, I'm gridded in Library Module!  Also, when I go to export a file it may or may not stay *where* I want it to go (I go to a folder created for the shoot on a hard drive, so "Hard Drive" is the selected option) but may, on its own, put me to Email or even CD/DVD as an export option.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled (I'm on CC)...I have a Mac that I use also, and there are no such probs on it...WTH!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          My first thought is to blame your trackpad on your laptop.


          I am not seeing any similar type of a problem on my Win7 box.

          Which version of LR are you using?

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            Charlie Groh Level 1

            ...it's a desktop, Joe, but you may have hit on the emanation of the problem.  I use Logitech Performance MX *mice* (as I have two, both programmed identically, one for the PC desktop and one for my Macbook Pro).  I've switched them out, but the condition remains.  I've even ordered another brand gaming mouse to install on the PC to verify that it's not a mouse problem (these things are gold to me, as I process thousands of shots of single events and can get through cropping, back/forward, export panel and enter commands all from the mouse....really fast!).  Oh, and I'm CC and have updated to the latest (6) version of LR...thanks for your response!