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    Merge older and new accounts


      Hello together,

      I know this question was asked multiple times in different ways but I couldn't find an answer to my situation, so please bear with me


      So line out my situation: I had a private subscription on my private email (lets call it a@a.com) which is also linked to a behance account, once I started working for a company I could transfer my licence to my company email (b@b.com). That company shutdown, licence obviously revoked etc. I did NOT re-sub with my private email (a@a.com), but I started working for a new company which got me a licence on a new email (c@c.com).

      The issue I have is that I can't use my old online libraries / sync settings from a@a.com or behance (c@c.com basically made a new behance account which is not ideal since I don't need multiple behance accounts).


      I hope my question is understand since its pretty weird to talk about 3 accounts.