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    Problems with Aperture import


      Hi there Guys


      I'm new to Lightroom from Aperture, and have completed the import process.


      It seems that all the folders have come through in individual day folders & not parented by Month/Year, which means that the list is really long! Very Long!


      Is there any way of altering this easily without breaking Lightroom?


      Also, on finishing the import process, it seems that Lightroom has imported the filing system the Aperture uses - (which Lightroom doesnt use). Does anyone know how to resolve this issue and place each "Collection" into the correct folder format that lightroom uses?





      PS - It's great that Adobe have thought of the import plugin - but it should work correctly . . .

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          photo-enthusiast Level 2

          This response may find you too late.  Lightroom will create an Aperture-like structure under "collections", which is like albums on Aperture.   But if you desire to maintain the "folder" structure you desire, you'll almost certainly need to "reference" your images in Aperture before migration.  Impossible to do it after migration, and it may take a bit of tinkering to get it just right in Aperture.


          For example, I wanted to maintain my folder and project structure, so I had to collapse my folder structure to one folder, one project before migration, then next them afterward.