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    InDesign Text Anchor Hyperlinks not working when exported to PDF.


      Hi all


      I have an InDesign document with a table of contents, which I have drawn rectangles over each Heading, removed fill & stroke. I have then linked these "blank" rectangles (using the Hyperlinks panel>Create New Hyperlink) to various Text Anchor points which I've placed throughout the document. To create these Text Anchor points, I highlighted the headings throughout the document and using "New Hyperlink Destination" through the Hyperlinks panel menu, created all the Text Anchor points. I then just selected the appropriate Table of Content item, Create New Hyperlink and chose "Text Anchor" in the options, selected the Text Anchor name and bobs your uncle. A dashed line appears around the "blank" rectangle and I then export to PDF.




      When I then open the PDF, some of the hyperlinks are clickable and take me to the destination I want in the PDF document. Some don't work. I don't know why. It's really frustrating.

      I've tried recreating both blank rectangles and the linking of rectangles to text anchors but to no avail. Can anyone shed any light on this? Am I doing it wrong? Does using a blank rectangle to create the "button" to click cause this problem? There is around 40 of these blank rectangle buttons, as well as some links to external PDF documents.


      Many thanks in advance