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    White Screen

      I am currently using the Captivate program to produce some tutorials for a piece of broadcast equipment. My problem is that the program I am using requires a lot of clicking and dragging (resizing text and graphics) and when you do that while recording Captivate records it as a white screen and not much else. When I go to edit mode the slide shows up as a little video camera... can anyone educate me?
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          Hi TSgt Rush and welcome to our community

          The video camera icon indicates that you have recorded full motion. The looming question here is why does it simply show a white screen? And what can we do about it?

          You might try clicking Options > Recording Options... > Full Motion Recording tab. Try adjusting things by perhaps placing (or removing - whatever the opposite setting currently is) a check mark inside the check box labeled Record at higher full motion capture rate for smoother movie.

          You might also want to experiment with changing the location of the temporary file. Try adjusting the field for Working folder to reflect c:\.

          Hopefully this either helps directly or spawns other thought that does.

          Sincerely... Rick
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            TSgt_Rush Level 1
            Hey Rick, thanks for your time... I tried what you said and it didn't fix the problem however, I got to thinking about some other places I have tried using the program and it worked fine... so I did a little test and it turns out that it's a mix of components and capabilties... the system I was trying to use Captivate on has a dual monitor setup, which in itself wouldn't be a problem but we're only running 256 MB's of RAM and a 2 Meg Processor... so it didn't have enough power to capture everything... I condensed the capture size and the program worked beautifully...

            thanks again for taking the time and helping amateur's like myself find the light...


            TSgt Marty Rush
            NCOIC of News