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    convert a document .docx to .doc using indesign scripting




      I have a scripts that converts .doc to InDesign

      but now my documents come in .docx format the table within this (.docx) document are NOT converted properly to indesign

      If I convert manually the .docx document to .doc format, every will work like it should be.


      any idea?

      Thank you,

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          Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

          You could do this easily by using doScript to run an applescript of vbscript which can use the office Word api to tell word to save the docx as a doc and then you can run the script on it.

          If you need to deal with unicode file names you can use jsx to temporarily change the name (to it's 4 digit hexdex unicode values) then do the Word save as and then change the name back.

          This is because the office API was only designed for Brits and Yanks.