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    Responsive page but I need one element to remain fixed size and position

    Allison@HavasLynx Level 1


      I am creating a project in EA where it needs to be responsive, but the logo in the top left area has to remain at fixed size and position.


      I have tried may things but nothing seems to work.

      The logo is an .svg file and I have tried:

      wrapping it in a div

      making it a symbol

      various options from the "Use presets for responsive layout" button in the properties panel

      making stage non-responsive, then selecting all other symbols apart from logo and using the layout button mentioned above to select scaling


      I have spent days on this one thing and it just won't work.


      Is it a case of editing the .js or html directly?


      I am using v 2014.1.1


      Please can someone help?

      Many thanks