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    In terms of final quality, what is the VERY BEST way to output an InDesign file to Photoshop?


      I create a file for an online ad in InDesign... because I'm primarily a print designer, because it includes text and images, mostly because it's the program I work fastest in.  I create it at the final size required for the ad.  All done, all approved. Final online publication requests a jpg.


      So... I can export it from ID as a jpg. Or, I can copy the whole thing and paste it in a new PS document, then output a jpg for web & devices. Or, I can save/export as an eps/PDF and open THAT file in PS, then output the jpg for web & devices. There are probably more. And of course, I could just create it in PS if I HAVE to. What SHOULD I be doing to wind up with the clearest jpg at the correct file size?


      Thinking I may post this in the PS forum, too, and see if everyone agrees on a method. Thanks, all.