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    AutoComplete in DataGrid issue

    mrbahr Level 1

      I am using the AutoComplete component to assist users with valid entries. I am using it as an itemEditor thusly:

      <mx:DataGridColumn id="icd9Code" headerText="ICD-9" width="75" dataField="icd9Code"
      editorDataField="text" editable="true">

      The "change" only fires when the text portion of the combo box is typed in. It is not fired when the data in the box changes or when the list is scrolled using the down arrow. Since this component can't have an ID, then I can't bind it to another field to display the description as the user scrolls (like in the documentation example). I need to be able to catch the change event on the dropdown list. I've tried adding an event listener for the dropdown, but that didn't work.

      So, what I want to be able to do is use AutoComplete as an itemEditor AND bind a Text control to it such that I can display the description of each dropdown list item as the user scrolls the list.

      Any help would be appreciated.