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    does premiere pro recognize multiple cpu's (super tech Question)

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      I'm building a new work station and I intend to use my CS5 license on it.  I'm also trying to optimize this system to really make CS5 Premiere Pro fly.  If I buy a dual CPU board and put a couple of Xeon processors in it, will I be wasting money?  (When I say wasting money, I'm not talking about it being "overkill" I'm talking about Premiere Pro not even using 2 CPU's.  In other words, if it is overkill, that sounds good to me.  I want overkill.  I want it to be TOO fast.  I want to cut my render times to nothing and my final encoding times in half at least.)  Or does Premiere only really use 1 CPU, and perhaps it likes high GHz chips.  I also don't want to get an 8 core CPU that runs at 2.0 GHz.  That's a HUGE expense just to, perhaps, find out that Premiere Pro doesn't care how many cores you have as long as you have the GHz.  Would I be better off buying an i7 that runs at 4GHz?  I'm a small 1 guy shop here and every $ counts.  If I'm going to shell out $5G's, I want it to be the right stuff for the job.  Thanks.  Also would like to know what I can get that will allow GPU rendering that I can buy on today's market for CS5.


      Currently running:

      Win 7 X64 Pro

      Gigabyte H55 board

      8GB DDR3 1333 RAM

      i5 @ 2.6GHz

      HDD C drive is 2 10K velociraptor raid 0

      video work drive is 2 WD 7,200 rpm Black

      graphics card is a cheap AMD 5450 chip on a sapphire card (I learned later that this was a HUGE mistake for GPU rendering)


      I intend to run:

      Windows 10 (I know compatibility may be an issue, but I will cross that bridge later)

      either (2) 4 core each Xeon's @ 2.0 or (1) i7 6 core at 3.5Ghz overclocked to 4Ghz.

      64GB 2133 DDR4 RAM

      MBoard will depend greatly on chip decision.  I notice that single chip boards have really high power components and server boards are kinds plain.  But I guess they're geared differently. Any help here?

      HDD SSD 500GB

      Video drive 4 X WD black raid 10

      NVidea quadro 2200K