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    Edit Externally File Naming

    J Isner Level 1

      Does anyone have a reference that explains the numbering scheme Lightroom uses if I choose the default template "Filename?"  I am struggling to understand it.  It would be nice to look at any filename and be able to tell its life history, and I believe that is the intent of Adobe's naming scheme.


      For example, suppose I import X.DNG into Lightroom.  I go back and forth to Photoshop several times, sometimes editing a copy with LR adjustments and sometimes editing a copy without LR adjustments.  At some point I see a file X-3-2.psd.  Can I decode the file's editing history from its name?  And if I look at all the file names, can I build a family tree?


      I have experimented with other naming templates, but they leave me even more confused.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Normally the number added to the end of a file name for the purpose of editing in Photoshop or other editor is just a global counter stored in the catalog. There is no meaning or significance to the number.

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            J Isner Level 1

            You say there's "no meaning or significance" to the numbers.  But you can definitely use the numbers to trace a copy's ancestry back to the source.  See the tree below.  For example, you can see that the parent of x-3-3-2 is x-3-3, the parent of x-3-3 is x-3, and the parent of x-3 is x.  The numbers themselves tell you that.


            But sadly, the numbers do NOT tell you what kind of edit was done to create the copy ("Edit a Copy Without Lightroom Adjustments" or "Edit a Copy"), which I think would be valuable information to know.  In the tree below the left branches were done using "Edit a Copy" and the right branches were done using "Edit a Copy Without Lightroom Adjustments."   You can see that for siblings, the only thing the numeric extensions tell you is their order of creation.  It tells you nothing about the method used to create them.  I'm wondering if another option in the templates would encode the missing information.


            Lightroom Edit in Photoshop - TREE.jpg

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, the X-n naming convention will show you the parent-child relationship and the creation order of the siblings. I would not say that it gives any significance to the number.


              To encode the type of edit, you would need to manually rename the file after coming back into LR.

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                J Isner Level 1

                I agree that manual renaming is probably the solution.