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    Issue with Flash Player version when trying to access flash games. (WIN 8.1)


      Working on a friend's computer and whenever I go to play any sort of game that requires flash player, be it on IE or offline, it asks me to install the latest version of Flash Player.  Now I already have the most recent version for Windows 8.1, that being  YouTube videos and the Flash Player test work in IE, but no games (I've tried multiple different websites).  Chrome however works with games, YouTube and the Flash Player test; I believe this is because Chrome uses it own Flash Player version.  I also cannot uninstall the native version of Flash Player even when I change permissions and go through all the pre-outlined steps found on Adobe's website.  Is there a fix besides just doing a restore, because so far everything I have tried otherwise including manual updates to Windows, registry edits and resets of the temp data stored for Flash Player have not worked.  Thanks.

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          I was asking about something like this earlier this week, not b/c I am having an issue but to help better understand the reason not to delete the system activeX files in win 8.X


          I recommend not from what I have been told. I am assuming that you went here already: Flash Player Issues | Windows 8


          Yes, Chrome has flash player integrated into it, I guess Microsoft is trying to follow in foot, but seems to be failing big time from what I have been seeing.


          I personally do not have a win 8.X machine in from of me, but you could  try uninstalling an I.E update and re-applying it, or you could try going into the equivalent of turn windows features on or off and uninstalling ( un-checking ) the latest Internet explorer version. I know that's what I would try if I have something borked with IE on a win 7 machine or just image it. I would really just say use Firefox if they can use it b/c its a lot less temperamental and a lot less of a pain than Internet Exploder.


          Thats what I would try before deleting the system files and having to restore an OS.


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