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    How to set a max size for responsive images?

    Trevor Eugene

      Hello all,


      Im currently in the process of trying to make a responsive website in Dreamweaver, instead of using Adobe Muse which I have been using.

      I seem to be having a problem figuring this out. I have some basic images that sort through a small slideshow, and I can't seem to figure out how to set a max size for them. I have set them up to be responsive, but I'm not wanting them to scale too big.


      Site Example.jpg

      I've attached an image of the look I'm wanting to achieve. I want the images to be no bigger than what they would be right there, but if you were to make the screen smaller they would scale down smaller. When I upload the .oam file into DW the pictures will go as big as the screen will. Can anyone help with this?


      Also, I suppose I could just adjust the overall image size when I first upload the picture into Edge Animate, but I would also like to learn more about the program so any help would be awesome.


      Thank you,


      Trevor Melton