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    There is no audio from timeline in PREL12 on .m2ts files


      Windows 7-64, Premiere Elements 12 (64 and 32 - the same result)

      camcorder Panasonic HC-X920, recoding format 1920x50p+DD5.1


      1. If I simply copy .mts files from SD card into PC and import it in PREL then there is no problem with audio. It's play from preview window and from timeline.

      But in this case I have a problem with long recording - camcorder breaks large files.

      So I use import from SD instead of simple copy.


      2. Import from SD using PREL12 (Get media from -> Flip, AVCHD, cameras..). In this case I get .mts files on HDD, and no audio from timeline with these files. But in in all other programs these files are played  with audio.


      3. Import from SD using Panasonic HDWriter program. In this case I get .m2ts files (and some metadata files .). These files plays back normally (with audio) in any player and program that I have (WMP, MPC, Corel Video Studio Pro X6 etc). Except timeline of PREL12.

      There is no audio from PREL timeline. And at the same time there is audio from preview window in the same PREL (after double-click on clip in Project Assets)!

      There is no yellow bar above these clips. Project settings - PAL AVCHD 1980x50p


      How to get audio from time?