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    Lightroom 5 not longer sees when my iphone 6 plus is plugged in. I can not go to import photos and see the iphone connected. Does anyone know why this might be? Many Thanks


      I am struggling to import photos from my iphone 6 plus. I can not see the iphone connected via Lightroom when I go to import photos and videos. I can see an icloud folder via My Computer, when the phone is plugged in, but this only lets me access photos in my photostrem (last 30 days). I can not access all the photos from here either. I know I can import to Lightroom via my photo stream, but I want to import all the photos on my phone. Lightroom is still showing my canon 5d when this is plugged in, so no issue there. I have checked in My Devices, on my computer and all the usb ports are working correctly. I don't think the issue is with Lightroom. I feel that it is something to do with my phone, but I am useless with mobiles! Does anyone here know what could be causing this issue? I would be very grateful for any help. Many thanks, Claire