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    Distorted image when using the DNG converter for Sony RX100M3 images?


      My PSE11 can not import my RAW images from my Sony RX100M3.


      Instead of upgrading to PSE13 I converted one picture using the DNG converter.


      I then compared the converted image with the original ARW file in ACDSee Mac Pro and they actually appeared differently, it looks that the DNG file contains a larger visible area than the ARW file and when switching between the two, the picture changes in proportions, looks distorted.

      Really weird!


      When discussing it briefly with MichelBParis in another discussion, he thought that "the reason is probably how the converter takes into account the profile of your lens when correcting barrel or pincushion distortion".


      Anyone that knows why this happens and what can be done to correct it, if it is wrong? Could it be that ACDSee Mac Pro shows the ARW image incorrectly?


      Shall I continue using the converter in order to edit my images in PSE11 or shall I upgrade to PSE13 or will the result be the same in PSE13?


      Thankful for any input.