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    If I merge two overlapping catalogs, how do I keep all data?

    lloydpdx7 Level 1

      Somewhere in the LR updating process in the past two or three months, I managed to accidentally and unknowingly create a second identical catalog. No problem, really, except that I then somehow added to, and edited in, both catalogs. Just this week realized my error. I'm not sure how to get back to one catalog. Each catalog now has has a few hundred unique files and edits, in addition to the 50k+ files that existed before my error. I need all files and edits; if i merge the two catalogs, will i keep all data? I was about to try a spreadsheet approach using John Beardsworth's ListView plug-in, exported to a spreadsheet, and calculate unique values, but that may be a bigger learning curve than merging, especially if I can keep all edits. I've looked at Merging info on the LR pages, but I feel I need more info as to what the merge actually does with all the data. I want to be confident before I proceed. Any similar experiences?


      LR CC 2015

      OSX 10.9.5