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    Facial Recognition on TIFFfiles


      My catalogs of TIFF files do not work with the face detection. The JPG files work fine. Is this a limitation of the program?

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          phillydave Level 2

          I was able to both have Lightroom find faces in my tiff files and manually draw the face regions (I just tested it again since I normally shoot raw). Check to make sure the feature is on. If you chose the option to not automatically scan, you can click the face button to start the process.

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            paula97128108 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I found the problem:

            The drive with my TIFF images was not mounted. It's odd that the face

            detection dutifully scanned through each of the 6000 images in my library

            telling me that no face was detected when there actually was no full size

            images at all for it to use. Would have been nice to have a simple message

            that the drive was not connected.


            Accuracy is very good, but very slow also compared with Google. The guesses

            are mostly right, so how does it decide to accept guesses and when to get

            verification from the user?


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