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    Lightroom Cc is a disaster, first it won't open, now I can't resize exports

    BartonGarrett256 Level 2

      I have used Lr since 2, and just out of laziness when I built a new computer I went from my stand alone copy to CC, since I have the full CC package. I'm a video editor.


      What a mistake!  Half the time I try to open it hangs, and in general it opens much slower, but I've been able to work around that problem.  Now I need to export images to Ae and Pr, and half the options, including resizing, and these are 41MB files, is grayed out.  I tried restarting, no joy, I am at the current build, I can export, but half the options are grayed out. The important ones.


      Googling doesn't turn much up, anybody solve this problem? Please don't make me call the guys in India, I'd rather crawl across broken glass naked.