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    3D Shape Layer Aliasing Issue




      I've run into an interesting aliasing issue when working with 3D shape layers. Specifically a square rotated to a 45 degree angle. It ends up looking very soft and like it's a lower resolution than the surrounding elements even though it's a shape layers. For now my work around has been a levels adjustment, but I'm curious if anyone knows what might be causing it or if it's a problem with how AE aliases in 3D space.


      I have tested this on multiple computers and had the same result, there are no precomps involved, and there is a 3D camera but DOF is turned off.



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          This is nothing new. There will always be filtering on edges in 3D since they are treated like pixels, not geometry even for vector-based graphics. Your effects adjustment would enforce rasterization, anyway. The only real stinker is that AE's filtering is 20 years old and thus simply looks extremely poor. If this is critical, you have to move on to using "real" 3D plug-ins.