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    Gallery web app using PrettyPhoto, how can I not show unrequired thumbnail images ?

    Grant Senior Level 1

      Hello. I'm a bit stuck on this, can anybody advise me on how to not display unrequired thumbnail images?


      I have built a web app using PrettyPhoto to display images in a gallery, you can see it here. http://freedom-flooring.businesscatalyst.com/testing.htm


      It all works fine, my only problem is that I have built it allowing the user to load a maximum of 8 images per gallery item, but if the gallery item has less than 8 images in it the remainder thumbnail images show as black frames and on selecting them the gallery hangs looking for a non-existant image to show. How do I stop this behaviour? I would like BC to stop prettyPhoto from presenting thumbnail images for the positions that don't have images assigned to them. Is this possible?