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    Captivate hangs after certain animations


      I have been putting Captivate 2 through rigorous testing for almost 3 weeks.

      Problem #1: Multiple times after inserting an animation or auto recording the movement of a window the Captivate File Edit View etc. main menus will only quickly drop down and back up without time to make a choice. The navigation bars will move, but snap back to their original position unless you use the navigation arrows. You can still save a project by clicking on the save icon, but you must use the exit arrow or understant the Alt F C or Alt F X key commands to close a project and exit the application. This would be very scary to a novice user.

      Problem #2: When recording in the Prt Scr Mode the application refuses to record a screen if you do not frequently press Prt Scr. Clicking other applications on the Window Task Bar sometimes unlocks the loop, but frequently you must press the End key and start recording again to get this Key function to work correctly.

      I have not lost and test work, but I have frequently been forced to completely exit Captivate, wait several seconds and restart Captivate to get these behaviors to stop.

      Whats Up?

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          CatBandit Level 3
          vbtester, you really haven't made your problem very easy to see. For #1 you might be saying that during recording, some background captures that you want, are not being captured during auto-record ... I'm guessing because somewhere in there you are referring to the old-style keyboard commands to close a window (ALT+F+C and so on) ... and I haven't a clue how that figures into your problem.

          If you are missing screen captures you need, try to get used to using manual capture together with the auto-record feature. Watch what you are getting (the icon will flash red on your system bar each time a screen shot is taken) and if Captivate didn't get a shot yoyu need, press the "PrtScr" key to manually get it.

          YOur issue #2 sounds like you are doing what I suggested for #1 and for some reason the "PrtScr" key isn't working properly. If that is a problem, do one of two things:

          Either change the manual record key to something else (Options > Recording Options > Change Recording Keys (tab) and see if that helps, OR ...

          Go to Start > Run > (type) "msconfig" to open your startup options dialog. It is possible that another application is starting up with Windows, and is holding the "PrtScr" key hostage. Disable that application and reboot to try again with Captivate.

          Any of this helpful? If not, I might have misunderstood your problems, so perhaps you could restate them in more descriptive step-by-step format?? Thanks!
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi vbtester and Larry

            Adobe has identified an issue with Captivate 2 and the issue you describe in your Problem #1. Essentially, it happens when you have Flash Player 9 installed. (Happens to me on a regular basis with my laptop and they didn't believe me at first when I reported the issue. Then they identified it was because Flash Player 9 was in use.)

            As a temporary workaround, after inserting an animation, you can simply click any object in the Library and the menus should revert to normal operation.

            Cheers... Rick
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi Rick,
              My problem was that I didn't understand vtester's problem. But i"ve read vbtester's post for the third time, and this time (and with your hints) it makes sense. He/she/you is/are saying that the actual Captivate UI itself begins "blacking out" -or at least acting a little drunk ... is that right??

              Wow!! Never heard of it before and I'm sure glad I learned about it now - and in the abstract! Thanks to both of you and thank my favorite diety that I've been granted immunity from so much of the stuff I read about in the forums. Astounding, absolutely astounding!