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    Lightroom mobile not working very well


      I'm running Lightroom mobile on an Android Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and I'm starting to have so many issues I'm thinking of pulling the plug completely on the CC version and finding some other ways to get my photos on to the tablet.


      Problems include

      - Numerous times it seems to stop syncing photos down to the tablet, need to restart LR Mobile or Tablet to cure

      - Often loses my sign in, so need to re-sign in,

      - Usually when I start the app it marks all the collections as having 0 photos and then needs to re-read them in, one collection at a time to work out how many photos are present in each collection.  During this process if I go into a collection it shows completely blank.  This process of "reloading" collections can take 5 minutes in total.  This makes the app almost useless for the primary reason I wanted to have the mobile which is to do some quick selects and editing of photos occasionally.


      In order to see the photos on a standard 10 inch tablet I need to enable download for external editing, this seems unnecessary, but I understand this is a design feature (why can't it sync a version that fills the tablet screen automatically, rather than requiring you to download much larger version).

      Anyway, is anyone else having these sort of issues on Android?  I expect that I should be able to open the app and all my photos will be there to view quickly, even if I've not used it for a day.  None of this waiting to load the photos for 5 minutes.

      In case anyone asks I'm storing photos on the SD card (shouldn't be an issue), and I have around 15 collections, approx 2000 images on the tablet