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    New Computer, New Monitor, InDesign6 Not Working as it Should


      I have recently purchased a new computer with dedicated graphics and a 6 core processor, Windows 7 OS.


      I installed Creative Suites 6 from a brand new disc. Both Photoshop and InDesign functioned as expected.
      Then, I connected a new monitor (Samsung 28 4k ultra hd). While Photoshop retained all function, InDesign lost many of its functions.


      For example, I cannot switch from the Free Transform Tool back to the Selection Tool.

      I am unable to text wrap a placed graphic even though I was previously able to when I first installed the software onto the new computer using a different monitor.
      While I can right click on text to change the font and font size, I cannot click on the tool bar at the top to change the font and font size.

      The functions that I am attempting to use are NOT greyed out.


      Things I have tried to resolve the problem: installing from download instead of disc, checking / installing updates.


      What can I do to return full functionality to InDesign on a computer and monitor that can more than handle the load?

      My thanks in advance.