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    LR6 GUI unstable; Need advice

    Richard412 Level 1

      I just recently started using LR6 (perpetual license version) on a Win7Pro machine, i7, 16GB RAM, SSD.  I have been trying to keyword pics in my archive a few at a time but am experiencing a lot of misbehavior in the GUI including, several second lags, white screens and the LR window disappearing altogether, then reappearing.  I have tried disabling GPU support altogether as well as running it with a motherboard Intel GPU and with an NVIDIA 2GB Quadro K1000M GPU, but the GUI shows the same flakiness regardless of GPU setting.  I have also updated to the latest 6.0.1 release. 


      This can't be normal behavior, can it?  I don't see anything like it on any other application, including PS CS5.  Any advice will be appreciated.