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    Taking a Screenshot using Actionscript during SWF runtime


      I work for a company that wants to create a screensaver from a Flash movie. They want the Flash movie (screensaver) to fade in (on top of the user's open windows/desktop). Flash does not appear to allow transparent backgrounds for SWF files (only if you are using them within HTML, you can select "transparent" in the window mode). However I'm not using HTML.

      Of course, if transparency doesn't work, I realize that perhaps it is possible to take a screenshot of what the user was doing just prior to the screensaver loading. So I've been searching everywhere to see if there is an Actionscript line that will take a screengrab (print screen function, or screen capture) of a user's desktop.

      Please let me know if there are other options, or possibly some other screensaver programs (we use ScreenTime - http://www.screentime.com/software/stf/index.html) that will allow me to start a screensaver over a user's desktop (so that it looks like it is running on top of their open programs/windows, etc).

      Thanks for your help!

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          Correspondence with Screen Time Media support...
          (screensaver creation application)...
          Just curious if there are any functions that will perform a screencapture of the user's desktop just before launching the screensaver swf. This way it will look as though the screensaver is happening on top of the windows the user has open.
          not currently, we have looked into this and there are some tricks involved, for instance on windows when the screen saver is activated if there are passwords set it play on a secure desktop, not the main user desktop, so grabbing that would not be very interesting...
          Thanks for the insight. However, I am still generally curious how certain screensavers can screen-grab the monitor and launch animation on top of it (especially where sensitive information is not an issue). It is a good point to avoid this for a corporate screensaver, but I'm less concerned about it for other personal computing projects.
          Thanks again and happy new year!
          well you can do things like make yourself (the screen saver) completely transparent - then take a snap and load it in
          Well, I thought there was a way to do that, but it seems that I can only make an SWF (Flash Movie) background transparent in an HTML document (using Actionscript to make the window mode transparent). However this only seems to work in the context of HTML.
          I don't see any option in Screen Time to begin my screensaver with a transparent background, either - or any option to have the screensaver take a screen shot just before launching.
          It's an interesting issue! Wonder how other screenshots do it then.