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    Lightroom CC library development different exposures


      I recently upgraded Lightroom to the latest version and now I have library vs develop modules showing big differences upon import.  On  dark images (lots of black, shadows or under exposed images) the develop module is close to 2 stops of increased exposure as compared to the library.  There are also minor sharpness differences. The only fix I can find is to turn off the GPU option. Then the library and develop module actually match the darker exposure. Just for grins I loaded the file into photoshop and it matches the darker version.Camera Raw is still at 8.8.  If I export a photo from lightroom it matches the darker library version with or without the GPU option.  Occasionally with the GPU turned on I will be working when I get a black screen for a second or two.


      I did recalibrated my screen with the Color Munki twice to see if there was any difference to no avail.


      I am running a 2014 Macbook Pro with the Retina screen.  Everything I have read from Adobe says to turn on GPU (and in the system info tab under file handling in Lightroom perferences is says that the GPU passes) and set the previews to auto. Which I have done but I can not work when the develop module is so far off from what is going to actually export or print.


      Any ideas?