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    Cropmarks.applescripts option disappeared in InDesign CC

    MiMi Diana

      Hi all,


      I couldn't find my cropmarks.applescripts under utilities in InDesign CC on my Mac Pro.  I think I could have accidently removed it at one point.  I searched online to see if there's a way I could download the script but wasn't able to find the original sample file.  


      I tried using the cropmarks.javascripts, but the crop marks only applied to my Master Page and did not show up on the rest of pages after I clicked "Apply Master to Pages".


      Below are my questions:

      1) Where can I download the original cropmarks.applescripts file? Or what can I do to re-establish the file?

      2) How can I make my crop marks apply to all my pages using cropmarks.javascripts?


      Many thanks for the help.