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    Issue in setting up Digital Editions 4 in a second profile in Win7

    ballpet Level 1

      While at home my wife and I have our own dedicated standalone computers but when we travel we use a laptop setup with individual profiles. I, it seems unfortunately, upgraded DE from Version 2 to Version 4 on said computer. On V-2 each user had their own DE profile within their windows profile .When installing and setting up on the first Windows profile I was able to setup and authorize with the Adobe credentials for that user, however I am having issues with setting up the second user. I used the same login and PW that were used on the original installation and on the standalone but DE doesn't like it. When I try to move in a e-book I receive "check activation". When I attempt to deactivate the profile in order to reactivate I get the "unable to erase authorization" message. I have also verified the Adobe username and PW--they work on the persons standalone computer when importing ebooks into that unit. I profile 2 on the notebook. Suggestions?