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    Exporting Groups of Pictures w/ Different Watermarks

    stephenmattiola Level 1

      So I am an automotive photographer, I am currently going through the struggles of exporting each picture individually and then going through the export process 4 times to place each watermark on each picture, then I have to go through and drag them into their respective folders on the desktop. I know their has to be an easier way to do this. What I was wondering is if their is a way (almost like "picking them with the flag marker") to select the photos I edited to then export them at once. I don't use the flag option because I import all the pictures I took and then go and edit the ones I like because if I picked certain ones before I edited them then I might miss one or two that I could save by editing. So what I am wondering is if there is a better way to do what I am doing.



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          effeegee Level 2

          I don't follow why you need the same photgraph with four watermarks but even so it is not important. Export in batches/subsets of the group/collection you propose to export by whatever means you find works filter by - flags, stars, colours or just select the ones to have watermark A, then B etc. The watermarks are presumably ready to select as you proceed batch by batch.  If they are based on  suitable location/orientation for particular image content the batch is governed by the watermark choice.  (I use the same watermark with different locations, densities, opacities to choose from when I use LRMogrify2 plug-in to export - it has greater flexibility in terms of watermark location.) Several batches can be processed at the same time and deposited in folders or named appropriate to the batch.)