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    Is there any planned fix for the persistent and pervasive slowness in LR6/cc?

    oryngo Level 1

      LR6, Win7, 6GB ram


      Is there any planned fix for the persistent and pervasive slowness in LR6/cc? I have disabled GRU.  I have cleared the cache.  My catalogs are upgrades from LR 5.7.1.  Everything is slow.  It doesn't matter what it is.  Its takes twice as long to do anything.  LR will freeze for 5 to 15 seconds at a time for no apparent reason.  The use cases are for going "Not Responding" are many and vary widely.  I check the CPU usage during these Nn Responsive events, and its pretty much idle.  I check the disc usage and its also usually idle. 


      I thought it might be VSCO plugins, but its not.  LR5.7.1 is still screaming fast while LR6 is a slow old cow.


      Here's one example I've seen that is repeatable:


      1) start an Import

      2) choose pictures from an SD card

      3) click the + for add to Catalog

      4) dialog for the typing a catalog name appears

      5) begin typing into the dialog box. 
      6) After typing maybe 8 letters, LR goes "Not Responding", for 10 seconds

      7) after LR starts responding again, the focus on the catalog name field has been lost


      There's no reason for a freeze here.  The CPU is doing nothing.  The disc is doing nothing. 


      There are things like this ALL over the place.


      Another example.

      1) Develop Mode

      2) Choose a photo

      3)the left and right side panels are hidden

      4)navigate the mouse over the right side panel so that it will pop-out

      5) LR freezes for 5 seconds

      6) when the right side panel opens, click into the exposure number (0) and attempt to type in 1.25. 

      7) After after getting 1.2, LR freezes for 10 seconds.

      8) when LR is responding again, finishing typing in the remaining 5 (of 1.25) and hit enter. 

      9) The image immediately brightens as expected.