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    InDesign CS6 crash in OSX 10.10.3


      Hi All,


      I've been having a problem regarding Indesign CS6 in OSX 10.10.3. The program will crash to desktop, reporting "Indesign quit unexpectedly".

      This can occur once over several days, or several times an hour; there is no pattern to the timing of crashes or what is being done in InDesign at the time of crash.


      The computer is a new iMac 27", purchased this year. The OS is fully updated to OSX 10.10.3


      As of yet I have attempted the following fixes:


      Cleared Caches and Pref files multiple times

      Removed CS6 entirely and ran the Adobe Cleaner tool before reinstallation of suite.

      Removed any third party programs, including Dropbox.

      Clean out of any unused or potentially problematic third party fonts

      Installed patches up to (which seems to be the latest)

      Reinstalled OSX from scratch.


      On the new OSX installation I have the bare minimum installed; Chrome, Firefox, Office 2011, Papercut and a few 10.10 Konica Minolta printer drivers, yet crashes still occur.

      There is no correlation between the crashes and any specific open projects or files.


      At no times now, or in the past before the re-installation have any non-adobe programs had trouble of any kind.

      The workstation has passed Apple diagnostics and MemTest86.


      Crash report is always the same; see the below link for a PasteBin dump of the latest crash (as of writing).


      Adobe CS6 Crash in OSX 10.10.3 - Pastebin.com


      Any help would be really appreciated.