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    After Effects error: overflow converting ratio denominators (17 :: 19)


      Hello, I've seen many people have this problem, but I've tried some solutions I found in forums but none work.
      I am using two clips I saved in Premiere using the folowing setting: H.264 i HD 1080p 29.97 and H.264 i HD 1080p 25 ( I just found I saved them using  a different frame rate)

      1) .MP4 1920x1080 25 frames, 30 minutes. Time stretch: 3 minutes

      2) .MP4 1920x1080 29,97 frames, 25 minutes. Time stretch: 15 seconds and a mask,

      I've tried using a different clip instead of clip 1, so both clips have 29.97 frames per second.

      I am changing the position of the second clip, and when I get close to the end of it, around 14 seconds, I get the message
      I've tried conforming to the same frame per second.
      I've tried importing the project to a new project.

      But nothing


      Any idea?