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    Director v Flash

    nicknamesaretaken Level 1

      I'm a newbie and am making an interactive project for DVDROM. I have built a variety of interactive games in Flash, including an interactive map, some quizzes and plan to link it all together with some text screens which also have audio and video clips on them, and some links to pdf files (which will be on the disc) and websites.

      Before I started in Flash, I though Director would be the way to author the project. however, as I have learned Flash along the way, I'm wondering if I can't do it all in Flash. I am more or less a novice in both programmes, but the things I have learned in Flash so far would lead me to believe that I might be able to author the project completely in Flash.

      For those of you who know both programmes, what benefits would there be to use Flash completely (if possible) v. import ing the Flash files into Director as originally planned and build the project from there?

      Any advice would be much appreciated.