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    Lightroom ?


      I  want to transfer my LR 5.7 catalogs etc from my laptop which I use to download my photos whilst in the field, onto my desktop PC in order to edit them there. How do I do this??

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Using the OS tool Explorer or Finder, copy the catalog file (*.lrcat) from one computer to the other if you have them networked. If not networked, you will need to copy the catalog to an external drive then transfer the drive to the other computer and copy it off the external.


          You will also need to copy the images if they are on the laptop.

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            GEELBEK Level 1

            Thanks for the info so far and sorry to sound so dumb!! but where do I locate the OS tool Explorer or Finder??

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              elie-d Level 4

              Windows Explorer is the Microsoft application that you use to browse through the folders on your computer's drives and attached devices and to see their contents and to perform operations like copying, moving or pasting folders or individual files. Finder is a similar application in Mac systems.

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                GEELBEK Level 1

                Thanks, is Ircat the same as Irdata?

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                  elie-d Level 4

                  The file with the extension .lrcat is your catalog. Alongside it is the folder whose name ends with .lrdata. It contains the previews that LR has made for itself for use in the Library mode. The catalog needs to have those previews and if you move the catalog file to a new location but don't move the .lrdata folder together with it, LR will make a new set of previews. If the catalog is large, that could take several - even many - hours.