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    Retaining layers in tif-files from Lightroom

    Rotski Level 1

      In my normal workflow I start processing raw-files in Lightroom, then send them over to Photoshop for further processing. This works just fine.

      Then, after having finished processing in PS I normally make a jpg-file and then close the raw-file. When I do that I get asked by PS whether I want to save the changes I have done, to which I reply Yes. The edited raw file then gets stored in my LR library as a tif-file.


      The problem is that, if I want to do more editing on the same file later and send the tif-file from LR to PS, the layers I had are gone. It is a one-layer file. According to the manuals I have read and courses I have followed the tif-format should retain the files' layers from PS, but in my system it doesn't.


      In my LR preferences (External Editing) I have set the file format to TIFF, the color space to AdobeRBG(1998) and bitdepth to 16 bits and resolution to 300. Compression: ZIP


      What am I doing wrong?



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This might be better answered in the Lightroom forum. I'm moving it there.

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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            You can't have layers and Lightroom edits both. When you go to edit the tiff in Photoshop again, pick "edit original", that will retain the layers but it will throw away the Lightroom edits. Lightroom essentially edits a flattened file, not a layered one.

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              trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              When you choose 'Edit Original' the LR edits applied to the file will not be visible in PS. But when you 'Save' the TIFF file after editing in PS both the original LR edits and "new" PS edits will be visible back in LR. Use the LR and PS edited TIFF file with LR's Export module to create a JPEG file.


              1) Do your initial Toning, Color, Sharpening and Noise Reduction adjustments in LR first using the raw file.


              2) Use Edit in PS > 'Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments' to open a TIFF file for further work in PS and then 'Save' the TIFF file in PS. It will then reappear in LR with both the LR and PS edits.


              3) To do further editing in PS choose Edit in PS > 'Edit Original.' You will not be able to see new LR edits applied to the TIFF file in LR, but that doesn't stop you from doing further editing in PS (Text layers, Content Aware Fill, etc.).


              What edits do you typically apply in PS?

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                Been searching for an answer forever! Sometimes I need to resize my lightpaintings to add padding. I often miss the center in the dark. I am exporting my jpg, then doing the padding, but then I'm stuck with a file I can't edit (in LR) any more.  This gives me have a smooth workflow just (mostly) in LR.


                Thanks so much for your help.






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                  trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Sometimes you just need to think "outside the box." Glad to hear it helped.