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    Frustrated! LR keeps asking for my serial number upon start up and then rejects it!


      You know this never happened before this whole CC thing started! Long time Adobe user with stand alone licenses on many products. Paid for the stand alone upgrade to LR6 and downloaded it and received the serial number. Just about every time I launch LR it now asks me to enter my serial number. To do that I have to go back and find the email with the serial number which is a hassle and a waste of my time. I enter it and sometimes it accepts it and other times it rejects it as not the correct license for the Creative Cloud!


      If it rejects my attempt to enter my license I usually just close the serial number box and it asks if I want to quit or continue. I check quit and LR opens and if I go to System Info it says I have a perpetual license. Maybe not the biggest deal but that's a couple of minutes wasted in my busy day.