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    Is there any way to undo the set of functions in one go?

    _VG Level 1

      Hi All,

      I am looking into the AIUndoSuite for creating an undo point.

      Actually I've created a plugin for Ai CC 2014 in which I have some set of functions which create some pageItems on the active artboard on a menu click.

      And when I undo using cntrl-z it will undo some part of the functionality. I've to undo it several times to reset the active artboard to its original view.

      What I am looking here is that may be there is any way to undo all the functionality (changes done because of plugin) in one go?


      For instance,

      #1: There is an artboard with some pageItems on it. (Original view)

      #2: Now plugin add some pageItems to the artboard on menu click. (Modified view)


      Now when I undo (using cntrl-z), It will go from step #2 to step #1 in just one undo. I hope it make sense..


      Any help will be highly appreciated..