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    Load Time

    kwpcreative72 Level 1

      Is there any way to prevent items from loading until they are clicked on? My site is all done in edge animate. Because of this the entire site loads all at once. I was hoping to avoid separating the edge animate file into separate pages.

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          seano2o7 Level 3

          You could split the website up into different edge projects. Then use an iframe in edge to display the projects like that. Then the project wont need to load until clicked on.

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            kwpcreative72 Level 1

            I'm a novice at setting up websites. I understand how to split up the edge animate project into separate parts, however, once I have split the project up, I don't understand how to make all the pieces work together properly. I think I would need to somehow make my buttons point towards a certain edge animate file in order to load it? Can I use Muse to help me with this at all?