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    LR 6 not responding under certain conditions (export to card + add to catalog)

    joefonebone Level 1

      I am using LR6 on a Surface Pro 3. Whenever I export to the micro SD card in the computer's slot or with a SUB adapter AND am adding to catalog, the export inevitably freezes, and I get some partial screen blackening and a "...is not responding" message. After about a 1/2 minute or so, it comes back to life, and the export has succeeded. It slows down workflow considerably, and is troubling. It seems to to not happen (i.e., works OK) either if: (a) export is to location on the computer OR an actual external hard drive (?), or (b) I don't add to catalog upon export. Note: The catalog is on my computer itself, not the micro SD card I'm writing to.