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    Using Edge Animate and Google DFP for ads


      About 6 months ago I created a banner ad with Edge animate.  This ad was placed in Google DFP - the issue is that DFP will accept an image, .swf or creative code snippet (HTML5 or sometime .js).   I solved this by hosting all the relevant .js files and images in my companies hosting service.  I then changed the links of the files (which came from Edge animate)  to point them to the remotely hosted files.  It worked!  Great little HTML5 ad.  BUT...now...since the last update, it looks like things have changed.  I've created an even simpler ad with only one image but for the life of me I can't get this to work now and searching for the links that would need to change seems more of a mission than before.


      Has anybody experienced this?  Or does anyone know a solution...is there one file path that I could change so that all the .js and images are pulled from my hosting?