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    Browser issues require stand alone app...

      We develop distance learning products that deploy online in a browser but we continually run into issues with users who need to change their browser settings to use them, browser upgrades that always come with unpredictible results for us, and other issues that continually throw a wrench into the works. Can Flex/Apollo help us by bypassing these browser issues? We also have tests that require results gathering.

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          _Albertx_ Level 1
          In fact, that is why Apollo is been released. Because of the differences in the browsers and platforms. Apollo is like a bigger player wich helps you forget about the issues with the browsers and updates and upgrades.

          Apollo will be released even for other platforms, and as you know, you will be able to load data like html, css, javascript, pdf, swf, ...

          So I think what you need is exactlly Apollo.
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            viawebguy Level 1
            Thanks. I just watched a presentation about Apollo (used the Harly site as one example) linked to a site about the future of Flash. Was that you narrating/presenting?? Great presentation.

            If so, can you tell me if you have anything available that I could use to discuss the particulars of your solution to our particular situation with browser variables to my superiors? I need to be knowledgeable about the mechanics of circumventing browser settings/issues using Apollo. I don't want to just throw them a bone--they may not take it if I can't sell it.

            Thanks again,
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              _Albertx_ Level 1
              Sure :D

              First, I'd like to tell you about an excelent video with Cristian Cantrell, one of the apollo architects. In this video he shows how apollo works and what you can do with Apollo. He's testing some applications. I think this video cal help you a lot.

              Apollo Video

              Also I have some pdf files about Apollo, If you want I can share it.

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                M. Huisman Level 1
                When is Apollo going to be released? Since i'm waiting for it ;)
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                  viawebguy Level 1
                  Thanks very much Alberto. I watched the video with Christian Cantrell--it helped me understand a bit more but I'm still coming up short, conceptually. I have an idea that Apollo just may lead us to a solution to our issues. I have a few more questions if you have a few more moments to discuss this with me...

                  1. Rather than build a separate desktop application to run our browser-dependant products, what do you think may be the simplest solution for us? This is what i'm thinking: We could have a user visit our site as usual, click on the course they need, then have their browser open a local browser document on their PC containing our product running locally on their PC, as opposed to over the web. But this would seem to involve a download of our product as opposed to streaming our product--immediate viewing is the issue. If immediate viewing wasn't the issue, users could just download our products for use. What solutions support streaming that bypass Internet browser settings? And here's the biggie--we've got a lot of security to deal with. I work for the U.S. Army--our distance learning products support soldiers and civilians around the world. Could a Army-specific browser, downloadable from our site that runs on users' PCs, be our answer rather than focusing on solving a browser setting issue? Our only real issues involve browser updates and user' browser settings--this is primarily what we need to work around. What are your thoughts?

                  2. Is Apollo a product that creates solutions in the form of programs, using an Apollo GUI interface? I'm having difficulty understanding what I'd be looking at if I installed Apollo on my PC and attempted to use it to solve our problems. Does Apollo create programs through modularly constructing a bridge (in the form of a modularly-built program) between Browser and the desktop/PC, or is Apollo merely the bridge that, once installed, can allow new programs that, once written, will solve our problems?? Do you understand/see where my conceptions of Apollo are?

                  Thanks again
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                    viawebguy Level 1
                    Can an Apollo app simply change a user's browser settings and tell them if they have the correct browser version? this may be all we need!