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    page maker (PM.7) is working well but sometimes  can’t possible to type anything  !!!


      In my office, one of my users complints me  that  his page maker (PM.7) is working well but sometimes he can’t possible to type anything  !!! .

      the courser is blinking as usual (In the same time he can possible to do  CUT , COPY  & PASTE ) .we need to restart the pc  to solve this problem .but after sometime the problem  comes again.In the same time  he can possible to type or edit   in ms word  or notpad .  without any problem .So i confirmed this problem related to adobe page maker.

           To  ensure this problem not  related to his PC ,I  formated the pc and  reinstalled Operating System  (Win 7 64 bit ) and  all applications including pagemaker (PM.7)then he started  his work s.After some time the problem started again .......!

              Sir will you help me to solve the problem ?