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    unlock files

      I'm kinda new at this so forgive me if I'm a bonehead.
      I made a contribute site, then wanted to disable check in check out. All the files have duplicate locked files remaining on server and they take eons to ftp. Is there an easy way to delete them all? I delete on server and they mysteriously are still there...I first thought it was a DWMX ftp problem, but same deal with GoLive.
      Yipes! Any help is appreciated.
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          Try selecting the folder/files in DW, right click and select "Turn off Read Only". Should do it if I'm understanding your question correctly.
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            chanceit Level 1
            Thanks, Sorry so slow on to other things, but the funny thing is they are shadow locked files, they do not exist in my DW site manager only on the server. I delete on server, reload files and they mysteriously appear again. It still takes eons to load these pages and they error out every time saying pages did not load, yet all the changes are uploaded. I'm thinking I'll ask the server to clean sweep delete all files and try again.