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    audio will not play back.


      Editing a movie, finished it, exported as MPG to be used on computer. Several weeks later I now want to upload to youtube. Porblem is that when I play video, the audio is missing. What is up, and how can I repair it? Using PE 10.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please confirm...


          You create a project, you export its Timeline to a MPG file, presumed Share/Computer/MPEG - what preset, and do you go with the default settings of the preset or customize it under the Advanced Button/Video Tab of the preset? If you customized the preset's settings, what did you set under Video, Audio, and Multiplexer tabs?


          Several weeks later, can I presume that you want to upload to YouTube

          a. the MPEG file from the computer hard drive to YouTube at the YouTube web site


          b. the Timeline of the original project using the Premiere Elements built in YouTube feature


          c. other


          Where is the file not playing back with sound - in the YouTube player, via a computer player, or other?



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            russgill909 Level 1

            Here is the final post from the MPEG file.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG_qoqEBn1k