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    Face Book and Adobe



      I posted this earlier and never got any help.






      I am having this problem with Adobe flash player on Face Book, Adobe works every where else except Face Book, I can't in large the screen or turn the sound up or down, I just haven't got any control with adobe while on face book. Any ideas as to what could be wrong.?



      OK first think you for your help. I will do the best I can, I am not a computer wiz.

      1. Windows 8

      2. Goggle Chrome

      3. Adobe Flash Player- 17.0.0188

      4. The problem is only on Face Book, When I try to play a video, The bottom of the video screen where you control are for the video is there until I take my curser down to them then they disappear , so there is no way to control the video. I can click on the video its self and it will play and I click on it again and it stops. But I can't use any of the controls at the bottom of the video screen.

      I hope that this is enough info for you to help me.