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    Different Font Sizes Within PARAGRAPHTEXT


      Is it possible to assign via javascript different font sizes to each line I add via the function below??


      For example if I enter as the content "Title\nSubtitle" so have it appear something like this all with in the same text item?





      function createText(artLayerRef, fface, size, colR, colG, colB, content, tX, tY)


        artLayerRef.kind = LayerKind.TEXT


        textColor = new SolidColor();

        textColor.rgb.red = colR;

        textColor.rgb.green = colG;

        textColor.rgb.blue = colB;



        //Get a reference to the text item so that we can add the text and format it a bit

        textItemRef = artLayerRef.textItem;

        textItemRef.kind = TextType.PARAGRAPHTEXT; 

        textItemRef.contents = content;

        textItemRef.font = fface;

        textItemRef.color = textColor;

        textItemRef.leading = size/(600/72);

        textItemRef.width = 110;  

        textItemRef.height = size/2;  


        textItemRef.size = size/(600/72);


        //textItemRef.position = new Array(tX, tY) //pixels from the left, pixels from the top

        textItemRef.position = new Array(tX-textItemRef.width*(600/72)/2, tY ) //pixels from the left, pixels from the top


        textItemRef.hyphenation = false;