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    A chalenge on getting text to look like it is coming out of a book (premiere elements 10)


      Hi all you wise people in this forum.


      I have a chalenge!


      I use Premiere elements 10 on my Windows PC.

      I have shot some footage from a show with my children. But the show is a story told over the Little Mermaid, and when the storyteller in the show is reading, the light in the room is turned of. It is a nice effect during the show BUT on film it doesn't Work. (As a matter of fact it is irritating.) On the screen there is just a Black Picture, and a child reading out loud.

      SO I have taken a few Photos of the storyteller, and want to put them in.


      BUT here comes the chalenge:

      The Pictures are of a girl reading a book, and I want the text of what she is reading to look like it is coming out of the book.

      (I have tried to just have a text roling over the screen. That Works, but is not COOL. )


      Does anyone have any idea, on how it can be done?


      Regards Settemand